Thursday, September 3, 2009


Today Stacey and I had preschool orientation. This year he will be attending Parkway Hills Baptist Church Weekday Preschool, which we are super excited about!!! They start the official carpool drop off on Tuesday and although I'm sure we'll take plenty of pictures that morning this was our chance for in the class pictures so we treated it like it was the first day.
Stacey wore his new tennis shoes that "make him jump high and run fast" (thanks Big & Nannie!!).
Only preschoolers get to go to orientation so Wyatt hung back with Nannie and I got to enjoy some one on one time with my sweet 4 year old!!!
Guess who else was there?? Miss Reagan. Along with Mrs. Jerry (Wendi's Mom) being the director, Shannon B. has sent Landon & Reagan here so we're thrilled to be at the same school and follow in their footsteps.
Then it was onto the classroom. Thank goodness they had a snack Stacey had already mentioned about 10 times that he was STARVING!! We'd been there about 30 minutes but I guess all that listening stirred up quite an appetite.

His cutie classmates.
Mrs. Carol his wonderful teacher (nervous smile from III).
What a great day. We can't wait for Tuesday!!!!


Shannon said...

WhoooHooo for PHBC Weekday Preschool! We HEART that place and I cannot tell you how much you are going to love it. He was so precious this morning and the pictures are GREAT!

Kacey said...!!! I can't believe he's in preschool. What's next? Off to Tech:)

Wendi Junod said...

Great pictures! Enjoy for us!! Wish Brooks was sharing the table with III.

Love the lake pictures. That place is dreamy. Those cousins are so fun. Have fun this weekend!!

Katy said...

Wow! Stacey is so big! Can you believe our little infants are in preschool?? What??
So glad he gets to go to Miss Jerry's school. You can't go wrong there!

shannonmichaelis said...

LOVE that he is at Miss Jerry's school! Though I would never trade our precious little school, I would love it for Justin to go to school with Honey! Hope you have a great year at such a fun place.

angie said...

Love the tennis shoes on that big preschooler!!! He really does seem older in these pictures. I am so thankful that you get to send him to Mrs. Jerry's school and you can just rest assured that he is in a safe, loving, Christian environment. Oh the things he'll learn this year!!! It really is a gift! I hope he has a wonderful first day:-).