Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's Official

Stacey is a preschooler. Wyatt was VERY disappointed to find out he isn't but thankfully I packed him a lunch too so he thought he was big stuff. He carried it around all morning just like "Stace" and was more than ready to pose for his first day of school pictures.
III was VERY excited and ready to role this morning.

He got out of the car, blew me a kiss and smiled all the way to the door. Such a big boy.

I was all smiles too until I read this PRECIOUS little note that Mrs. Jerry handed out to all the Mommies with a little tissue pack (Mom I think FWCS may need to add tissues to next years budget - SO CUTE). But it did make me tear up for just a second thinking about my baby just home from the hospital FOUR years ago :).
Wyatt's crocodile tears at Stacey's departure were soon dry when I told him we were going to Gym Dandies with Haley. He kept saying "my Haley" in his deep raspy voice.
He had a ball and I'm looking forward to having a special activity just for him this month.

We are beyond blessed by these two boys and can't wait for all the fun things this season will bring.


Shannon said...

He is such a handsome preschooler! I am just still so so glad he is there with R! Love you.

Katy said...

Aw! That was the sweetest little note for mommies! I'm tearing up for you. :) Didn't I just come see you in the hospital and hold your firstborn all the while secretly knowing I was prego too?? Where did those four years go???? miss you!!

angie said...

Great pictures! I love his big smile and that sweet note from Mrs. Jerry is precious. I'm so thankful his first day went so well. Have a wonderful year Stacey!!!!

shannonmichaelis said...

love the kleenex with the note! i need to write miss jerry and tell her i love it. love those blue shirts - great combo with smiles.

Wendi Junod said...

handsome devil and such a big boy. i talked to my mom briefly yesterday and she said stacey did GREAT. i'm not sure brooks would get out of that car! and then i would get the kleenex.