Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always one of my VERY favorite days of the year. And while 9 out of 10 things that I dreamily envision with my family are NOT as picturesque as I might like them to be. Christmas Eve morning was just one of those rare days when all seemed right in my world. 

We had a leisurely morning at home. The boys played with the game they got in their last daily behavior stocking of the month.

 You can't help but laugh.
 They did a little coloring...all at once...without any arguing!?!
Then they snuggled up on the couch as if embracing the concept of a lazy morning for the first time EVER. I'm telling you it was not normal!!
 Daddy made delicious eggs Benedict for a traditional Smith Christmas treat!
The deer even showed up and hung out ALL morning while we sipped coffee, letting us enjoy our birds eye view from the living room.
We took a stab at some spin art (another daily stocking that we hadn't had a chance to get to yet). Waco peeps, doesn't this take you back tot he Brazos River Festival??...I immediately felt the need to break a confetti egg over someones head. ;)

 After naps we headed over to Honey and GP's to let the official Christmas festivities begin.

The kids drew names and exchanged gifts with each other.

Then the adults did the same.

The Cs LOVED handing out the gifts. Most gift were handed out twice just so they could both get a turn.

 The puppy pound ;)
 Smith six

 Lots of hugs
 And happy campers all around!!

Angie drew Kacey and I in the gift exchange and sent us on an old school scavenger hunt for our gifts. It was a BEAUTIFUL day outside and we loved it!

 The last gifts were Christmas PJs all around.
We all headed to the Christmas Eve service which proved interesting due to a HUGE crowd at FBC Woodway. But a great service nonetheless.

Then we headed home to our own houses to await Christmas morning.

The boys all bunked up in the guest room for the night.
Unfortunately, we ended our wonderful day with this precious not feeling so good. He was running fever and officially sick. :( 
With the exception of III taking a turn that night it really was an exceptional Christmas Eve!!

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