Monday, January 27, 2014

December Days

We had a great December enjoying all the festivities, opportunities for serving and traditions of Christmas. It was busy despite our best attempts not to let the schedule get too packed, but it was truly a wonderful month celebrating our Savior and enjoying time together with our friends and family.

Here are a few snapshots of the month, in no particular order!

A little painting project one Sat. morning.

The Cs celebrated their REAL birthday and actually turned 3!! It was very low key but a great day.

They opened one present on the real day from Stacey and Wyatt but it was all they needed and they played with their dino cars for days nonstop! Big brothers know just what they will love!

We sipped and saw sweet Kirby!!

Enjoyed the cousins being in town!!
Celebrated at class parties. I promise III was happy just the only picture i took. :)

Made a pioneer cabin, of course. :)

Loved having Christmas trees in our bedrooms!

Read through the advent calendar every day. Wyatt read for us this year, a treat!! And the Cs pretended to read.

The Selfs stopped through town in the way back to big D. It was such a treat to catch up with my beloved Karla and watch our EIGHT kiddos play!!

We hosted the family for dinner. Love Nana checking out the computer game. :)
Bundled up for our first Harris Creek's Lessons and Carols at Common Grounds! 
Made goodies TOGETHER for a bake sale. ;)
Served at Mission Waco Toy Store with the Bigs...I promise Wyatt said Merry Christmas with a smile not this scowl!
Celebrated Caroline's 3rd birthday in style with a PRECIOUS princess tea party.
Purchased our biggest Christmas tree ever...which we LOVED LOVED LOVED all month long!!

Participated with Purdy Girl Parties and the WCS Christmas Market
Celebrated Anai's graduation from Christian Women's Job Corp!!!!!!!!
Transitioned Crew and Coyt from baby beds to big boy beds...or big boy mattresses ;)...beds sill to come. :).

It is probably a good thing we did this amidst such a jam packed month because I hardly had time to grieve the milestone of NO baby beds in my house!! WHAT?!?!?
Played :)
Rang the bell with GP. I mean how could you NOT give to this group. :)
And that is just the stuff I managed to snag a picture of. Looking back at these I really do feel blessed by such a wonderful month. I love the Christmas season and this year December was a particularly blessed month.

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