Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Country Thanksgiving

I am copying this post from Shelley's blog so it may look
a little funny but there are so many great memories and
pictures that she already captured so I am just riding her

The Smith family all went out to the country this year for
Thanksgiving (Aunt Cassie and Uncle Teddy's house -
thank you so much for hosting and all of your hard work!!). 
Lots of fun and craziness.

We are so thankful for the love this family shares and I
think we made some fun memories! :)  

Addie getting an early start on the feast!

Grandparents helping her out :)

The little boys helping Uncle Teddy feed the birds

Aunt Sarah always so willing to help with the kids!  Thank you!

This was a cool electronic puzzle!

The grandma's in the background watching the action :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Watching funny videos :)

A group of us went on a nature walk around the grounds!

The boys found some old bones at "The Rat Shack"

Have to get at least one pic with this old house every time!

A real black widow spider!  Scary!

Making apple turkeys :)

Crafts :)

The bounty!

Lots of play time on the new swing! 

They all have a jar of cream shaking it hard to create whipped cream! :)

Stacey got it first!!

Thanks for helping Sarah and Hannah!

Big boy muscles!

Lizzie the Llama usually comes up to the house in the mornings to eat.  With 20+ people there I think she got scared off ;)  But she made an appearance one morning!

Not sure about this crowd! :)

Addie taking her turn on the swing :)

The awesome zip line!  All the kids had a turn...thank you Nannie! :)

Watching all the fun!

Even AK tried it out! :)

Loading up in the trailer to go skeet shooting!

The men setting up...we all took turns and got hits!  This family has good aim ;)

Some cousin pics :)

Smile Brylie!

This is birth order :)

Wyatt making everyone laugh!

Nannie and Big with their grandkids!

We have SO much to be Thankful for!!

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