Monday, January 27, 2014

Santa Clause 2013

Oh Santa, I always have such high hopes for our visits. ;)

We started off strong! We hadn't really talked much about Santa Clause with Crew and Coyt. We enjoy all the traditions of Santa Clause at our house but he isn't our focus during the month so when we were scheduled to meet up with the cousins for our annual Santa pictures I thought I had better prep the Cs. We looked at all the pictures from previous years and they named everyone in them and said over and over "Dats Santa Cause" "I go see Santa Cause". Coyt was even going to ask him for some jelly beans for Christmas. :)

Even we we pulled up they were still chanting about wanting to see "santa cause". He was inside so we snapped a few pictures out by the tree and sled.

 This one ALWAYS smiles for Santa even when he was a wee one!
 A few group shots
 Perfect of course. :)

 Happy Campers!!

That all changed the second we walked in the door suddenly the excitement turned immediately to fear and the boys were hanging on me saying "I not want see Santa" on a loop.
 Here Bigs hold their hands for the picture
 Crew was comforted but Coyt was NOT!!!
 Man down
 Try again...
 Coyt following Mommy!
 I have to give Wyatt props for trying his best! He can relate due to several years of fearing Clause!
That's it - Perfect!! ;) OH MY another year in the books.
 A little stroll down memory lane...


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