Tuesday, January 21, 2014

SNOW Party!!

I know I have already posted about the SNOW party on facebook and with PGP but of course I have to document it here too!! 

It really was SNOW much fun!! ;)

When I found this GIGANTIC bag of packing peanuts I just knew we had to have a snow pit!! And my precious twinsies are STILL talking about their "no" party and asking if I'll get out the pool and snow. HA!! It was a one day only event, and the mess was CRAZY but it was a blast and a super fun day for my precious three year olds!!
The party details


I was thrilled when I ran across this book. Snow being the title it was obviously theme appropriate, but the colors were perfect and the two little kids in the book even look a little like Crew and Coyt (even though technically I think one is a girl and one is a boy)!!
Snow hats

 We left the snow in the windows all month and I miss it now!
 The dollar spot had some great stuff, like these place mats that were the perfect colors!

 I buried some trets in the snow thinking they might need something to do, but that was an afterthought just playing in it was plenty!

Lets get this party started!!!

 Coyt holding his nose to dive in, hilarious.
 Truett and Nannie got to be here for the party, such a fun treat!!

 We invited our Wednesday play group and it was the perfect little posse.

A snowman snack

 A few gifts!

 Happy Birthday!! Crew had a little trouble with his candle,

 but Coyt blew his right out!
Snowglobe craft
Nannie was a huge help not only transporting the gigantic bag of "snow" from Dallas but also helping me clean up the disaster afterwards, we'd probably still be living in Styrofoam without her help!!


Sweet goodbyes
 A little snack before naps and round two with the big cousins.
Sadly when the rest of the family joined us after school I was running out of steam and didn't get any family pictures, but Honey and GP and the big cousins were there in full effect!

Happy Birthday to my precious snowmen!!! We LOVE you SO much and can't imagine our world without you both in it!!!

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