Friday, February 7, 2014

Christmas Day 2013

I love soaking up all the kid's excitement on Christmas morning!! This was the first year ever that we woke up to Santa in our own home with just our six pack. We loved that we got to really watch the boys and enjoy the morning, but we missed the rest of the circus!

Santa's treasures
They were just a little bit EXCITED...and off!
I love this picture of the Bigs dashing to their loot!
Right to the Lego Chima, their big gift. They wisely determined that since it was placed between their two stocking Santa must have meant for them to share it. Smart boys.

Crew was my favorite to watch as he slowly but meticulously examined every little thing.
Coyt on the other hand just seemed confused that Santa had the nerve to bring him an Elmo costume instead of a Spider man one. ;)
Wyatt getting into character

Someone found the candy (notice big brother's costume in hand)!

It didn't take the Bigs long to retreat to their room and start building.

Bubble guns!

After everything had been thoroughly explored and we consumed some sausage balls we headed over to Honey and GPs. Unfortunately with Stacey III still on the mend he and Daddy stayed back so we were divided :(.

Honey had lots of fun games for the kids with gifts/prizes after each.

First up was build your own snowman. Nana and Sam were great sports!!

It's hard to be a princess AND run a relay!

Pin the nose on Rodolph was another fun one with two good sports.

Family picture...missing a few.

Nana gave all the kids a crisp $10 bill - score!!

We eventually got dressed, although no pictures to prove it, had a wonderful dinner and a great day with our family celebrating our Savior's birth.

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