Thursday, November 21, 2013

Family Fair

Last night we continued tradition and brought back Family Fair Night!! It was just as glamorous as last year ;) and the boys were in a frenzy by the time our head carny (Daddy) got home. He got to work on all manner of fried deliciousness, while we let the games begin.

First up Knock 'em Down. 

 Coyt thought just getting a turn made him victorious! XOXO
Next up were pillow case races. A new addition oooooo ahhhhhh. Although I warned that they needed to be super careful, this lasted all of two seconds before Stacey busted it. Guess this is not a concrete floor approved activity, whoops.
 But they were sure cute while it lasted. ;)
 On your mark. Get set. GOOOOOO!!!!!
 After the busted race dinner was ready so we took a break to dine.

Next up. Bobbing for...Limes?!? Apples are so 2012. HA! Actually just forgot to buy apples for bobbing so limes was the closest thing in the fridge.

If you'd like to hire me for any design needs. I think the drawing below speaks for itself. You know you're in trouble when you have to explain what it is you were trying to draw.

 That is commitment
 Mock grab
 Coyt and Crew went with more of a, pick the lime up with their hand, approach.
 Real deal!!
Ring around a duck, or fish.

Butter molding...another new activity. I'm sure it's obvious, ;) but that is a double T. 
And no Family Fair Night would be complete without a Secret Side Show attraction. Last year, as you may remember, we had the World's Smallest Horse flown in just for the occasion. That was hard to top. But we put our heads together (bahahah) and this year were able to procure the rarely seen, incredible...

 They had a little trouble sitting up. :)

 Another, fun filled fried frenzy family fair. :)

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