Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Cards

We usually send out New Years Card's, which is PERFECT when you tend to be a procrastinator like me. :But, since we needed to include a change of address this year I wanted to get the cards out early. Getting Christmas cards is just one of my very favorite things, so I didn't want to miss out on any. So, instead of New Years cards we decided to send out Thanksgiving cards. This was a pretty last minute brainstorm but thankfully Shelley was willing to take a few pictures of the boys while she was in town. And even tolerated the crazy person that trying to get four boys to look the same direction can bring out in me. Since we were including our new Waco address we decided to go full-out Waco pride with W tees, shout out to Congress Clothing from the Smiths. ;)

These were taken in the lot beside our house.

Here are a few out-takes and keepers mixed in.

Oh how I love those tiny hineys.


 Crew and Wild Wyatt

 The leader of the pack

 Coyt: power to the people

 I'm sorry who are those two kids? Looking way too old. Too fast. Stop it.

 Candy rewards of course.
I can't seem to get the actual card to scan in correctly but you get the idea.

One draw back of sending out Thanksgiving cards is that I didn't order quite enough, and then it seemed weird to send a Thanksgiving card at Christmas, so if you are reading this and didn't get one we will do our best to wish you Happy New Year again next year...when I have enough extra time to make sure I order enough cards. :)


Barbara Cook said...

Nice set of photos, sooo adorable kids. It seems like a fun-filled moment for them. Very nice! My most heartfelt Thanksgiving wishes to all of you. Have fun and continue to be blessed. Happy thanksgiving!

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