Saturday, January 12, 2013

Purdy Christmas

The Friday before Christmas we had Purdy Christmas with my side of the family. Mom and Dad hosted us for a super fun family night. We had just come out of our sick house quarantine so I was SUPER happy to just be out and about and so thankful we didn't have to miss this night.

Mom and Aunt Shirley with the Warren sisters. 
Nana getting some snuggles from the Cs. They were sort of off when we first arrived, but after a little dinner they warmed right up.
Caroline "holding" Brady.
He found a little more secure lovin' from Aunt Kacey.
My beautiful grandmother and Sam the man.
Crew and Coyt were enjoying being Santa for a sec.

Ally and Caroline
Aunt Shirley and Brady
After a yummy dinner of our traditional party fare GP read the Christmas story. These two snuggle bugs curled right up.

While Crew and Coyt were running around yelling "cheese" at the camera.
Group Picture. Super sad we neglected to get one of the whole family. But with 9 kids we're lucky just to have remembered to breath.
The cousins exchanged names with each other and we opened youngest to oldest. B man's first Christmas, so sweet.
The twinies were super fired up and in classic form were thrilled with the big box.
They would slide down and then jump to me.
Again and again and again.

They were also very happy with the stick horses inside the box once they decided to open it.
Lila got some Tag books.
Legos for this guy.

Taylor swift RED and a jump rope for Ally Girl.

Madagascar box set for III.
Ninjago legos for Ryan
More gifts were opened and then the kids went on a scavenger hunt with Honey and GP with gifts all along the way. Sad we didn't get any pictures of that. But Mom had it all set up with clues galore and the kids all loved it. Then the babies went to sleep and the bigs watched a movie while the grown ups exchanged our gifts.

Kacey knew just what Stacey wanted this year. A Twilight ornament. HA. You better believe that bad boy will be making another appearance next year.
Stacey also knew just what Angie wanted. Always funny when the husbands are up since they all have good little elves to help with the name they drew.
A beautifully wrapped gift for this Mommy.
Another super fun fake Christmas.

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