Thursday, January 10, 2013

Holiday Happenings

Thought I'd do a little catch up post before I tackle our actual Christmas festivities. I LOVE December and all that comes with it!! But it can be a CRAZY month. This year we had some sickness slow us down quite a bit, but it was a super fun month in spite of it.

Cutie Coyt giving his best "CHEESE"
We of course started off the month by putting up all the decoration and the train. The bigs were super excited and as you can see the littles loved it to. He He.
Since our house is in a fairly new development we don't have anyone living behind or beside us right now so we get to enjoy some up close and personal deer watching on a pretty regular basis. We LOVE it!! This little six pack are our usual visitors.
 But this month we had a buck who also stopped by pretty frequently.
We joined our life group for a visit to Baylor's "Christmas On 5th". This was the best picture of the group I got.

Invented a few new games to entertain ourselves.
The daily behavior stocking were back, just one more thing I LOVE about this month!, and one day this spaceship was left. Thanks Nannie, It was of course a favorite and supplied hours of entertainment.
Brylie and Truett were in town with Big and Nannie for the weekend. The "no truetts allowed" was quickly reprimanded and removed, sorry it's in these pictures. Truett you can come in anytime you want.

I just love the TINY little finger in the door in this picture. Crew and Coyt loved opening and shutting it.
 Brylie and Michael Angelo at work

 Battle of the wrapping paper rolls
The week before school was out a stomach bug hit our house. Wyatt went down first followed by the twins and then Stacey III. Wyatt missed three days of school and Stacey missed the entire week before the Christmas break. Christmas chapel and class parties etc. were also missed. Thankfully, I never got it and was able to snuggle and love on and clean up after and medicate all the sickies.

It started on the weekend and sadly we sent Brylie back home with the bug, but we were VERY thankful for the extra hands on deck Big and Nannie offered when things started going downhill. Those two were at the store and back with supplies before I could even think of what we might need. It was NOT the weekend or week we had anticipated but we survived.
The ONE and only good thing about sick two year olds is SNUGGLE BUDDIES. Such super sweet lovin' from the Cs.

It also forced us to spend a week that would have otherwise been nuts just at home in our jammies and that wasn't all bad.

Coyt has a delayed, drawn out pouty lip like I've never seen. It is sort of hard not to laugh when he revs it up.

Sicky snugglers
Before the bug took us out we went to see Santa, you saw the perfection in my previous post, but we managed a few smiles with an agreeable distance from the bearded man.

We hosted our life group for a Christmas party, kids and all. It was a TON of people but SO much fun. I got to bust out the Christmas china and Stacey whipped up his chicken parm. for a delicious dinner with some treasured new friends.

Of course I snapped a few pictures of the Christmas decorations and NONE of the peeps, boo.

Don't you just LOVE getting Christmas cards?? Always so sad when they stop coming.

I did snap a few of the kids doing a dessert craft. Yes, I put a kids table in the mud room, one of several I told you there were A LOT of kids. Sweet Megan, who is preggers with TWINS eeeekkk and has three boys, heaven help her, got stuck with the kiddos while I went to change a diaper, sorry Megan!!

We enjoyed some much anticipated hot chocolate once the tummies were feeling up to it.

Clip Clop Clip Clop

 The advent was extra special this year because
 Stacey III read them to us everyday!! Love hearing that sweet boy read God's word.
 Of course December wouldn't be complete without a few holiday cocktails,
 And festive treats!
 We ran into this precious elf at FBC Woodway. HA, oh how I love this craft.
Thankfully the boys were all well enough for us to enjoy Christmas with our families, I'll post those pictures ASAP, but here are a couple of sweet ones of the bigs at the Christmas Eve service at Watermark.
Wyatt and fire, hold onto your mittens kittens. Still a little amazed my hair made it out unsinged.
An after Christmas movie date with Stacey and Wyatt to see "Wreck It Ralph".
And last but not least, Stacey started the new year down one tooth. 

Apparently the tooth fairy injured her wing new years eve and was unable o retrieve and reward his tooth loss the first night he placed it under his pillow. But, she was well enough to visit the next night with a note explaining the whole misunderstanding. Yep, that happened.

And then just days latter down TWO teeth!!
That was a lot of randomness but a sweet reminder to me of a sweet month that is ALWAYS one of my favorites.

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The Junods said...

Oh how I am so happy to see your posts and pictures! I could eat those 2 year old sickies up!! I am so so so sorry about the pukes. Oh there is nothing more exhausting and nothing that makes you feel more sorry for your babies. Its so contagious! Looks like you survived it and even enjoyed the down time although missing fun stuff. Love and miss you as always!