Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to "SHOE"

It just seems appropriate to start this post out with Mother Goose's "Old Woman In The Shoe". Because the old woman in the shoe, who "had so many children she didn't know what to do" is exactly what I felt like when we celebrated the Cs second birthday. And we were just short of "whipping them all soundly and putting them to bed." Oh, if only I were kidding. 

On their real birthday, December 16th, we had planned to celebrate with a family party, but the twosome were both sick with the tummy bug so we had to cancel, boo hoo. I think Mommy was the most disappointed. :( But, far be it for our party plans to be completely squandered, we rescheduled on Sat., December 22nd. I was excited because my Aunt and grandmother were both in town for Christmas and it would be a special treat to get to have them there to celebrate with us!!

Sadly, we must have forgotten to prep Coyt and Crew that is is poor etiquette to CRY and SCREAM and SCREAM and CRY during your ENTIRE birthday party. They took "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to" to a whole new level and embraced all thing stereotypical two-year-old as if on cue. 

Sigh. Deep breath. Moving on. 

The twinadoes are obsessed with shoes. "Choos" was one of their very first words and they spend hours every day putting shoes on, taking them off, moving them from room to room, modeling the big boys shoes and even Mommy and Daddy's. They are crazy for shoes and since they are a "perfect pair" themselves ;) it just seemed like the perfect theme for their second birthday.
Boots, Loafers, House-Shoes or Crocs
Sneakers, High-tops, Heels or Flip-Flops

Our Perfect Pair, Coyt and Crew
Would like to invite you (and your shoes)
to celebrate them turning TWO!

I couldn't find anyone in town to do a shoe cake or shoe cookies (little learning curve for the December birthday, bakers are busy) so we made our own little cakes and used the key chain favors for toppers.

I had all sorts of random shoe themed quotes up as added decorations.
Pete the Cat Rocking In My School Shoes and I Love My White Shoes were the birthday books. I love these books and should have told the babies, "Did Pete Cry?" GOODNESS NO!!...makes more since if you've read the books. ;)

I had so much fun making this 2 and looking back on our wonderful year with these double blessings!! No question they are a handful, and 100 percent MESS but they are SO precious and incredible and just a blessing that I could have never even thought to wish for. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

A rare moment between Crew's meltdown calming and Coyt's about to ramp up.

That is the tricky thing with two, once one is happy the other is sad.
Shoe craft. I found these at Oriental Trading they were black shoes and the stick revealed rainbow colors like a magic pen. Super easy and not messy at all but the big cousins worked on them for a long time.

Thanks for trying Wy-Guy ;)
Happy Birthday to YOU!!
Uh Oh, looks like you might be trying to smile.

I know, how DARE we offer you a giant cake to eat at your leisure.

Notice the ice cream and sour balls in front of Crew, HA!! we were trying ANYTHING to cheer these sweet things up.
Yeah, Happy birthday!!

Group shot, minus the birthday boys who we decided would have to make a fresh start in the morning. Nighty night.

And just a few of my sweet Cs on their actual birthday, yes, they seem happier with the stomach bug, go figure.

We have certainly found having two two-year-olds to be full of new challenges and to say that Crew and Coyt are keeping us on our toes would be a huge understatement. But, thankfully not every day is as rough as the party day was. They save that special kind of crazy up for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. ;) 

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Katy said...

That was abSHOElutely PRECIOUS! Like that one??? haha just thought of it.

No really that was such a cute party. I always love reading your party posts!! :)