Thursday, February 21, 2013

Seven and a HALF

In January, as we do every year now, we celebrated Stacey III's half birthday so that he could do it up right at school.
His teacher, Mrs. Lindsey, just so happens to have a July birthday too, so we surprised her with a joint birthday celebration. Standing on the chair as everyone sang.
Cookie cake, 'cause we raise 'em right around here.
 Half hats and plates...again.
 I collected money form the other parents so we could give Mrs. lindsey some flowers and a gift card.
And all the kids made cards too. It was SO fun to get to do a little something nice for a someone who spends her days pouring into our kiddos. We are so incredibly grateful for our teachers.
 Twinadoes loving some birthday balloons or "boons"

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