Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Smith Christmas 2012

This Christmas we got to celebrate with the Smiths in Dallas. Debbie and Aunt Cassie plot and plan all the activities down to the smallest details for our time together and it is always fun. 

Once the extended family had gathered it was time for our first craft. This year for our matching jammies we made reindeer Tshirts...yep, everyone, even the adults had a homemade shirt.

Red Ts galore.
We enjoyed the traditional eggs Benedict on an nontraditional night, we usually have this Christmas morning, but it tasted good anytime.

Next up was one of my favorite Christmas traditions. It looks different every year but always revolves around guessing which item goes with each member of the family and why. This year we had a mini tree with ornaments and had to guess which ornament represented each family member.
After our initial round of guesses we opened a clue that helped to clarify. Once the right person was selected they read the verse at the bottom of the clue that had been selected just for them.

My ornament was a taxi cab which initially I wouldn't have assigned to myself but after reading the clue makes perfect sense.
The next morning everyone was back together for an oatmeal bar. YUMMY!!

Then a little wrestling.
Even Aunt Cassie joined in.
A family game of kick ball was up next on the agenda and it was a beautiful day for it.

The Cs were delightful, aren't you jealous, so we promptly put them back in the car and let them cry it out while we played. And I might have bit my husbands head off in front of everyone for not helping me in the heat of this moment, as if it was his fault that they were crying for no reason. Yep, Embarrassing. :) But hey it's not all gingerbread houses and gum drops around here, just sayin' ;)
The Kickball game was hilarious and so much fun, I think it might have to be a new Christmas tradition.

I think I might be celebrating that I either got Stacey III out or that I got on base, new low, rubbing my success in my 7 year olds face. Good stuff.

Realizing I didn't edit/crop most of these pictures but too late to turn back now. :)
After kick ball we got cleaned up and went to the 3:00 Christmas Eve service at Watermark. Always a treat to be back, and the service did not disappoint.

Then we got comfy in our jammies.

The whole crew

Dean girls
Wheelis posse soon to be +1 bambino
Smith sisters
Three musketeers.
The twins were once again unable to turn their frowns upside down, which might have had something to do with the fact that napping in a house with 21 people isn't always successful, so after these pictures we put them down for the night and decided they'd just have to open their gifts on Christmas morning.

The big kids decorated Christmas Tree cones.

And then it was time to open presents, so we opened a slew of awesome gifts. Love how all these people know what my boys will love even more than I do!
And then it happened, Santa himself came and left all sorts of sweet treats for our family. :) The twins loot got a boost with all their wrapped gifts on display as well. Thankfully they woke up happy campers and we were able to enjoy a great Christmas morning without any major melt downs.
Stacey and Wyatt's
Waiting for the grown ups to give us the go ahead to come out, also known as TORTURE!!


Don't you just love Christmas morning :)

Future QB??
The rocket launchers were a hit with everyone. And since Nannie got one for Stacey and Santa brought one for Wyatt there were plenty of opportunities for everyone to play. :)

Stealth Ninjas
Rudolf Ninja?

Nurse Brylie giving Jack some TLC.

The boys set up shop for Lego building and spent hours just building away.


Such a fun treat.

I love this picture :)

They couldn't wait to go play, but it was too cold to stay out very long.

The twinadoes went out too, but they quickly decided to come back inside too. Brrrr.

A VERY Merry Christmas

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