Monday, August 6, 2012


We'll we are a man down, actually a dog down, at the Smith house. Our sweet Bob died about two days after we moved in. (Yes, we've officially moved, I realize I have neglected to mention it here...more on that later, maybe.) He was an old dog and even though we knew he wouldn't live forever we were pretty heartbroken to see him go. :(

Truthfully, I have probably rolled my eyes and complained about our precious pup more in the last few years than I have loved on him, don't call Sarah McLachlan on me, the pup was VERY LOVED, he just had a few cuties in front of him in the pecking order. But, no question, he was a great dog and he was ours way before we had all these real boys. It's funny how a pet is a part of SO many memories. Just little pieces of the past. A part of a life a decade ago that barely resembles this one and a part of everything in between. 

Somewhere along the way I was conned into getting him a sister, which turned out to be a brother (is there no end to the maleness of my home?) and Jack joined our brood. There was a time when he slept with us (WHAT was I thinking?), and made the Christmas card picture, and when we scheduled play dates at the dog park for him - so not on the agenda these days! 

Those luxuries slowly faded out and were exchanged for new playmates in the form of Stacey, Wyatt Crew and Coyt and while he got bumped from the bed to the floor he was pretty darn sweet with his new babies when they invaded his world. 

Stacey and Wyatt drew some sweet pictures and Daddy buried him in the backyard. 

Wyatt says hi to him a lot. He is very nonchalant about it and says, "Mom, just 'cause he is dead I can still say hi to him." Al-righty then. 

Stacey III posted a sign the day after he died. Bob died on June 26, 2012. He was 9 or 10. He was my dog. I love you Bob. Sweet thing

If you came by our house in the last few weeks the kids probably informed you that "Bob Died" before they said hello how are ya. I apologize for the onset of questions that potentially initiated on your ride home, but what cha gonna do, thems the facts. :) 

Most of his best puppy pictures are packed away in boxes taken long before the digital days but I scrounged up a few just for fun.

 Bob Smith 2002-2012


Sarah said...

Oh, sweet Bob! Of course I am crying over here reading this :( Loved that pup!

Kristin said...


Katy said...

I'm crying and sad too!! And I have never owned a dog!
What a sweet and post. :( I keep thinking back to the old days in Sachse. Many fun memories there, Bob and all. :)