Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birthday Fiesta

When my sweet baby sister's 30th birthday rolled around this June, we were instantly on board for a surprise party. She had done the same for Angie and I (many moons ago when we crossed the big 3-0 line) plus, you really need no reason to celebrate someone as lovely as Kacey. :) Josh had planned a pretty fabulous birthday complete with a party and a surprise trip so all Angie and I had to do was make it cute. 

We embraced the FIESTA theme since we were having fajitas at La Fiesta. I was LOVING my H-E-B when they had a full stock of beautiful bright flowers.
 Photo booth backdrop

Cutie Kacey throughout the years. 

I got a bee in my bonnet the morning of the party and decided that we had to have a few pinatas and went on a wild goose-chase looking for a few authentic errr...donkeys. I was about to give up but my tenacity (if only I could apply such energy and effort to things that mattered) finally paid off and I hit the jackpot at Target.

I gave Kacey a few "over the hill" goodies with her gift, like cold cream, curlers, a pill case, reading glasses, icey hot etc. I thought this was just hilarious and was so pleased with myself. I mean she is 30 for heavens sake. ;)

The photo booth was lots of fun, here are a few of my favorites...

Precious little bit

My fav. :)
 I sure do LOVE these sistas!
 And the rest of this familia too :)
 Josh totally rocked the 30th!! Way to go Uncle Frank!!

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