Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Sightings

I have so many posts to catch up on but can't seem to get it done!! Not having my own camera just adds one extra step to the process of getting the pictures uploaded but for some reason that one little step seems to have kept me at bay.

In the mean time, because I KNOW you are just on pins and needles for updates ;) he he, here are a few phone pics (and we're talking the original iphone - hence the amazing quality) taken of my sweet precious C's this summer.

Both on their fire trucks while holding their little people school buses. Copy Cats!!

 Summer book club

 Super cool! Crew


These two are SO precious right now I could EAT THEM UP!! They have had some VERY rough teething days that would make me a lier for that statement but other than that they are pure sunshine!! They are starting to do just a little bit of talking saying diaper (biaper) snack (nack) go car and their very favorite shoes (choos). I am just so thankful that "No" hasn't become their favorite phrase and I am soaking up every minute until it makes it's way to the surface.

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