Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stacey's Wacky Water World

For Stacey's 7th birthday he had his heart set on a water party at our house. Now we've had a fish  party, a spray park party, and a shark pool party so we're pretty familiar with the water theme. However, since we had just moved in and the grass in front wasn't ready for a lot of trampling and there is no grass in the back I was pretty skeptical about this being a great idea. However, after lots of other suggestions and ideas - How about a movie party? What about a putt putt party? Have you thought about the bounce house party? No. No. No. Only a water party would do. :)

Well if it's a water party be wants then by golly that's what he'll get. We borrowed Kacey and Josh's water slide and Honey and GPs pool, combed through pinterest for water games and relays and we were set.

I am having ALL sorts of trouble getting these pictures to upload in any sort of order and this post is starting to make me CRAZY so they are all a little out of whack but here they are anyway!!

My Seven Year Old!!

Birthday book.

We pulled our old pool basketball hoop over to the blow up pool and the boys LOVED it.
Love this picture of all the towels pilled up.
Yummy!! Wyatt enjoying an "inner tube".
Sorry folks, but it doesn't get much cuter than this little bit!! :)
Well, I don't know...this chunk is pretty cute too!! ;)
We LOVED getting to have Truett and Brylie back in town for birthdays!!
One happy camper!
Stacey and Debbie filled ALL these "water bombs" and if you have ever filled even one water balloon in your lifetime than you know that is a labor of LOVE (emphasis on the LABOR)!!! I should store that one up as a good punishment. Talk back to me one more time and you are going to have to fill three water balloons. I think I may have found the perfect solution for bad attitudes in our house.

But throwing them at someone, well that is ALL love!!
Relay headquarters

Double dare style!

My hot-glued headbands didn't last too long, but we improvised and the contestants didn't seem to mind.

We finished things off with a water bomb free for all!!

Lila was just a wee bit scared of the water balloons (can you blame her!) so I love this picture of her overcoming her fears to enjoy a little self inflicted water bomb.
Look at these boys - I'd be scared too!

Sweet love with GG
Truey offering a little candle blowing assistance.

The Cs were enjoying a little nap during the party and woke up CRANKY, but they warmed up after a bit and enjoyed a little wacky water world. This ice chest was filled with stuff that the kids were supposed to grab out of the ice water. It was SO cold that several of them weren't fans, but the babies loved it - go figure.

Love seeing these three nieces together.
Stacey I, II & III
Cousin pic!
A few presents.

It turned out to be a great birthday if I do say so myself. 

I love you Stacey Reese Smith III but how on earth are you already seven years old??

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Love that seven year old!! Such a fun par-tay