Sunday, July 8, 2012

God Bless America!

With the 4th of July landing on a Wed. our typical traditions at the lake had to wait. Instead we spent the day in town enjoying Stacey's day off and some new Woodway traditions with our six pack.

Nothing says "Good Morning Fourth of July" like a Red, White and Blue sprinkle donut! :)
We took our show on the road for some local parade action and ran into these festive friends. :)
So glad Katy had mentioned the parade to me the day before. We were a last minute addition so our flare was a little lacking but we promise more elaborate decoration next time. 
 Coyt practicing his wave.
 Wyatt opted to ride his scooter,
 while Stacey chose to cycle in style.
 The C's enjoyed the traditional wagon ride.
 Mardi Gras, or 4th of July?

Fun small town festivities followed by snow cones, perfect!

We headed home to some fun visitors. Big, Nannie and Brylie came in for the day and brought a boatload of BBQ - Yummy.

Kids making some Red, White and Blue skewers.
 Had to include this one of the whole gang...and the MEAT.

Not sure why but we HAVE to have watermelon on the 4th! Stacey III commented that it was weird eating watermelon at home instead of the lake and I'd have to agree.
 Precious messes LOVED having Daddy home all day!
We polished off the day with a patriotic dessert (that's a star on top in case you can't tell and and there was red jello too, somewhere?)

 And, patriotic PJs.

Such a sweet day with my little family.

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