Thursday, August 23, 2012


Just a few pictures of III's actual birthday. He woke up to a few presents.
and a candy seven. I was going to write a candy graham but it was late and I was weary so he got a #7 out of candy instead, but loved it just the same.
As a last minute addition I added some birthday hats to all his pictures around the house. I had seen this on pinterest and it was a HUGE hit. So easy but the birthday boy loved finding all the hats around the house that morning. I think this will be added to our birthday traditions. :)

I had a few little gifts for Stacey, a seven T-shirt, checkers and a coupon for basketball camp, but thought I would stuff a few treats into balloons to make the gift opening a little more eventful. Each balloon had a coupon with something he could redeem like an extra 30 minutes at bedtime, sleeping in our room one night, a trip to the dollar store etc. 

Stacey LOVES birthdays and holidays and special treats etc., just like his Mommy so it is always fun (and challenging) to think of new ways to celebrate. But it is also that much sweeter when the recipient is so thrilled!
 Sweet treats all around.

 This boys love language could be CANDY!
 We had a pretty chill day at home.

Is there a more perfect drink for a 7 year old?
 We did venture out to 3Spoons for a little birthday treat.
 I think he liked it.

Stacey III you are such a wonderful seven year old. I am not sure how you manage to be the most helpful, thoughtful obedient son imaginable one minute and a few hours later become as defiant and stubborn a little punk as I have ever witnessed! Thankfully, the former gives me hope that you'll overcome the later and not vice versa. :) Heaven help us. I love you more than I could ever express and I am so glad your ours...even if you did have the nerve to leave six in the dust and turn another year older on me. Sigh.

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