Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wyatt's Wednesday Wisdom

We got Stacey's hair cut yesterday (one foot out the cult door, one to go), as well as getting the oil changed, tires rotated and groceries bought. By far the most productive morning I've had in weeks, maybe years. I could elaborate as to why we don't get their hair cut at the same place but seeing as how I have already elaborated on the boring errands we ran yesterday, something I am certain has already put you to sleep, as well as the fact that I'm afraid those dual haircut location details would cast me in a more crazy than sane light, we'll just move on.

In the back of the car on the way home Wyatt said, "Stace, your new haircut looks real pretty."
Of course Stacey immediately corrected him in his usual gentle and encouraging tone with, "WY-ATT, it is handsome NOT pretty."

I just cracked up at his spontaneous encouragement and complete sincerity. As well as his brothers obvious need to defend his four-year-old masculinity.

Happy Wednesday :)

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angie said...

Two different hair cut places...that's serious business :). We have those exact same conversations daily around here! Ally jsut trying to give a compliment and Ryan immediatly correcting her use of pretty or cute...aahhh the joys!