Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Telling The Boys

We couldn't wait to tell the boys the news that we were going to have another baby. Stacey was just 1 when we found out we were pregnant with Wyatt so he was clueless, but this time around both boys would have a much better idea of what was going on. Here is a little clip of us telling them:
There was additional footage but I wanted to keep Swamp Thing (me just out of the pool) off the video and it sort of rambles on. Stacey was confident that it was a boy because, "No Girls Allowed!!" And he would like to name him cheeseburger - darling don't you think??

The gift was two books a Big Brother One and this one:
It is a really sweet little book with just enough info for these little guys. There are some little yellow boxes with more detailed information should they have questions, but mostly I loved that it talked all about how Mommy might be feeling before the baby arrived. And this is pretty much how I feel these days:

And VERY nauseous.
I had pretty mild symptoms with the boys so this is all new territory to me. But at least I have confirmation that those babies are partying away in there even if it is a party that is making me sick. ;)

But back to the boys, they have been darling and hilarious. They tell the babies good morning and are very curious what they are up to. Wyatt likes to confirm that they are doing whatever I am doing. For example if I am swimming Wyatt will say, "you babies swimming?" Or if I'm under the covers, "you babies under the covers?" and so on.

And as we anticipated, they were NOT good at keeping our news a secret. We told the boys on a Friday and were planning on Telling the Smith's on Sunday. But we happened to see them the Sat in between. I hesitated to mention that it was a secret, knowing that might make it even more likely to creep out, but I felt like we should at least try. Stacey asked, "Mom I know we can't tell Big and Nannie that you are having a baby, but can we tell them that you're getting pregnant?" Oh Boy, then he told me not to worry because if Wyatt tried to tell he would stop him. Perfect. Although hard to imagine with such a perfect plan in tact we weren't there two minutes before Wyatt blurted out (out of nowhere I might add!) "Mommy's got a baby in her tummy (we have introduced the term uterus, but it doesn't seem to be catching on)." OK cats out of the bag!

Little did we know there was still more surprises to be revealed a few days later.


Shannon said...

My video isn't working.....ugh. I'll come back and try again later if everyone else is able to see it.

Love the sweet book! Once again - I cannot WAIT to meet this two precious miracles!

Shannon said...

Just got it to work! LOVE IT! I especially love to hear Stacey so seriously say..."Mommy is pregnant."

Meg said...

awww YAY!! so glad you got that on video. so sorry to hear you're feeling sick :(. i wasn't sick w/ sophie either but was sick w/ the twins until delivery :(. not throwing up sick but pretty much nauseous 24/7. do NOT be afraid of the prescription meds!! i took phenergan (at night) and zofran (during the day) the whole time, and they were a lifesaver!! you have to be able to eat and gain weight for the bambinos ;). praying!

Kacey said...

The excitement on their faces is so precious! I really love how concerned Wyatt is with what those peanuts are up to:)

angie said...

that video is PRICELESS! I'm so glad you captured that once in a lifetime moment. Too sweet Cary!

shannonmichaelis said...

I was truly waiting for some words of wisdom or some witty comment from Wyatt. Maybe the next video - I feel like it was on the tip of his tongue. Loved the book - I think that's hilarious!

Katy said...

Um that little home video of telling the boys was DARLING! Such a sweet moment.
And--Wyatt's wisdom about Stacey growing smaller is so funny.
Lastly---love the book---the pictures of tired sick Mommy are hilarious. That's the way it is, kids!