Saturday, June 5, 2010

Telling Stacey

Everyone has there own way of doing things when it comes to pregnancy.* Some husbands know ALL the in and outs, help buy the pregnancy tests, stand in the wings waiting those torturous three minutes etc. But Stacey has always been a firm believer in less is more in that department. So, I get the treat of telling him the news/surprising him once I have taken a positive pregnancy test (a miracle that I do NOT take for granted).

The day after Mother's day I suspecting this might be the real deal and took a test (this is probably WAY TMI for some of you so sorry about that!) I had bought a test at the dollar store because - hello they are a $1 - and normally tests are more like $10. I might not have excelled in calculus (or ever taken it for that matter) but even I know that is a $9 savings! And Sonic happy hour isn't free people. However the euphoria from my savings was soon diminished when it failed to tell me I was alive. Reluctantly I purchased the Cadillac of tests, because after the Dollar Tree flop I wasn't taking any chances, and a few minutes later saw that unbelievable, Praise the Lord, could this be real, little word "Pregnant." After a few minutes on my knees thanking the Lord and a few tears of joy I immediately turned my thoughts to telling my baby Daddy the news!!

That night at dinner I decided to play a family dinner game. We have a little recipe box of kid friendly little games. You pull out a card and play the game listed. One of the suggested "games" although not really a game per say, that we have done in the past suggests you place a piece of paper on the back of everyone's chair with their job for the night. I know it sounds so simple but our boys LOVE it. So that night everyone had a piece of paper on the back of their chair like this:
This is what they all said:
Obviously this one was Stacey's:
I couldn't wait for everyone to finish eating so we could open our cards. Stacey's reaction reenactment is featured below.

The boys can't read so we just kept it between the two of us that night, but we COULD NOT keep from smiling as the reality set in!! We went to 7-11 for ice cream after dinner to celebrate. The boys didn't know what we were celebrating but they were more than happy to participate.
More on telling the Big Brothers later!

*I just feel the need to say a little word to anyone who might be reading this wanting nothing more than to have a baby. I am praying for more than one friend right now that the Lord would answer their hearts desire for a child. Over the next few months as we journal this journey I will no doubt complain, joke and possibly offend someone reading this through a different lens than ours. I know that you would trade your left arm to feel sick and look terrible in a swim suit and that those types of things can seemed calloused when you want nothing more than to be pregnant. Just know that we are aware of the gift and miracle that it is just to get that positive test result and try not to take that for granted for a single minute. I don't always understand God's plans but I do trust in His goodness and faithfulness and pray that he will give you and I the desires of our heart in His perfect timing.


Shannon said...

I love the "replay" that Stacey put on for the camera! Hilarious! I can't wait to see the other play-by-plays of telling the kids and your family!

And - such a sweet ending to your post.

Love you!
You guys up for dinner this week? We are finally through with all of our week night responsibilities!

angie said...

How did I not know your hubs was SUCH a great actor??!! I've been hearing for years about his skit skills for watermark but this...this is something special-and hilarious!!!
I love how you told Stacey and I also love how excited the boys were without really knowing anything. Love you and those babies!!!!

Miranda said...

I am still so very excited for you and cant believe there are 2 little miracles coming! God is truly amazing.
After 3 1/2 years of dealing with infertility, lots of medication, surgeries and other procedures. I finally put it 110% in Gods hands this past March. And a month later on Easter (April) I had my 1st positive pregnancy test ever. And I am currently 13 weeks pregnant with our little munchkin. So I truly believe that it is in his hands and in his perfect timing.
Tell your friends to please not ever give up. It may feel like the infertility journey will never end but I'm living proof it does. =)

Kylie said...

Great post! Hilarious and beautifully sweet all at the same time :)

Meg said...

i am really really really excited to keep up with your pregnancy and then your new babies via the blog world!! hooray!! i am going to have to link to your blog off mine for faster access ;). you will LOVE the archives so much to go and look back at!! and so so sweet of you to add the postscript at the really does speak to those who are struggling, i know it does. praying!

Katy said...

Love your creative way of telling StackSteel. :)

And---as always I laughed hysterically at his antics.

SO glad we got to see y'all for a bit but of course it made me very sad that I do not see your face on a regular basis! boo!
miss you! hug those peanuts (all 4) for me!

Sarah said...

So fun, and love your creative way of sharing with Stacey!

I also love seeing your heart in the end, which I know, but sweet note of encouragement. What a blessing you are to others.

PS There is a sewing book called Handmade Beginnings that just came out with darling things for moms and babies...maybe you should get bit by the sewing bug, too! :)

shannonmichaelis said...

Am I the only one that thought the last photo was real tears? Leave it to ole Caryn to be creative in her ways. Love the cluelessness of the boys - ha! Thanks for the last part of the post - there are those of us that need that from time to time....

Anonymous said...

I love the one of Stacey Dry-Heaving.... oh my gosh, hysterical!!!!