Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ooh La La

Last week we got to celebrate Grace turning three at a Fancy Gracie party full or perfectly fancy details!!

It wasn't all frills and sparkles, there was plenty of sophisticated fun for the boys too! First they made mustaches on a stick.
Wyatt couldn't quite figure out the correct placement. :)
These two crafters made me some BEAUTIFUL bracelets, and you better believe I have been wearing them all around town.
Then it was time to dig into some goodie bags and get the real dress up going. The boys all got these DARLING tie T-shirts, top hats, mustaches and silly glasses.To many options to choose from!
Stacey got creative with his multiple stashes and went for the mustache and go-tee combo look. So dapper.
Then it was time for a full on dance par-tay on the patio. As you can see the ladies weren't lacking for bling either!
Happy Birthday Grace!
Cori (Grace's Mom) threw a precious party I'm just sad that I didn't get a picture of Cary (Grace's Dad) in his tuxedo - Ooh La La indeed!


Sarah said...

oh, i LOVE that precious party!!

Katy said...

Such a darling little party! I love it.