Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Weekend

We had a fantastic weekend at the lake with my family (Uncle Frank you were VERY missed).

Great minds think alike...and apparently shop at Target. We all showed up wearing the same cover up. They walk alike they talk alike.... :)
Mostly we did a lot of this:
And this: (Honey rocks she jumped of the top AND skied - still got it sister!)
Soaked up a lot of this:
Enjoyed the neighbors generosity and took a few turns on this: Hung out with this crew at the low water crossing: Went on a few walks and ran across this:
Lila wasn't too sure about all of that!

Saw this: And HAD to get a picture!

Wondered if it gets any cuter than this:
Ate a bunch of this:

And even got a few of these!
Sigh...what a relaxing weekend! Can't wait to go back!!


Shannon said...

So fun! I loved seeing the pictures! And - I have the white version of that same cover-up! Love you!

angie said...

Ahhh love!

shannonmichaelis said...

I know where I need to go get a new coverup for this summer!

Can't wait to visit that same location this summer....