Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Obviously I have already announced on the blog that we are having twins and I realize i have been REALLY wordy with my last few posts so this may be a little repetitive, but for my own historical documentation I wanted to record some of the details surrounding the actual day we found out.

I was scheduled to go in for my first checkup at 7 weeks (usually we go in at 8 weeks, but the sonographer was going to be out of town so we were going a little earlier). We went straight in for the sonogram first. Judy has done all of my sonos ever and is great. Before she started she said, "OK are you ready to see your baby...or babies?" she said smiling - because it was a joke of course. Then she started the sonogram and it did not take one little second until she said, "Well, I guess I better be careful what I joke about, because there are two in there." And as clear as day there were two little peanuts staring at us on the screen.
I think Stacey's first reaction was, "Holy Crap!" I grabbed his arm and just kept says (Loudly - I am sure they could hear us in the hall) "OH MY GOSH WE ARE HAVING TWINS, OH-MY-GOSH, OH-MY-GOSH"

Both babies had strong heartbeats and were looking good. She put me down as six weeks instead of seven (whoa nelly you just stole a week from me!!) handed us our pictures and we stumbled in a haze of joyful shock into Dr. Fogwell's office.

While we were waiting a sales rep came into the waiting room and said, "You guys sure do look happy?" I think we probably looked more like dear in headlights. I immediately blurted out, "We just found out we are having twins!!!" And so, a random sales rep was the first person we shared our news with. :)

Later in the day as Stacey and I were recounting the days events and talking about our reactions he said, "When she said there were two your face looked just like it does when they hand you a baby in the delivery room." I thought it was such a sweet observation of my emotions. Because essentially that was exactly how I felt, like someone had just handed me a baby.


Self Family said...

I have been anxiously awaiting these wonderful details. And such the story to tell. Two babies. I can't believe it!! Again, we are super thrilled for you and those sweet peanuts are mnore than blessed to have you and Stacey as parents!!

Shannon said...

WhooooNellie! Still get chills hearing about that day. The detail I hadn't heard was you telling the drug rep your news. I love it! Love you and excited to watch that tummy start to grow! (and grow, and grow and grow!)

Chrys and Mike said...

tears! so thrilled!


Jennifer McWilliams said...

i went to high school with dr fogwell's daughter brooke. small world! love the story and can't wait for more :)

angie said...

So sweet Stac Steele! I love every single detail and I want many many more!!!

Tina & Scott said...

Ummmmm, your post has made me tear up, Caryn!!! CONGRATS to you and the rest of your GROWING family! Ya'll will definitely be able to get some sound advice from Adam and Lisa on this twin deal!!! :)
YAY for ya'll!!!