Friday, October 30, 2009

Stacey's Fall Party

On Thursday I got to help host Stacey's Fall Party at preschool. In the process of preparing I had to laugh at myself repeatedly for how much I was over-thinking this little 30 minute party! I mean, I didn't want to over do it and be that Mom that everyone is laughing at because I mean really, who does she think she is (does anyone really say stuff like that?). But on the other hand I didn't want to under do it and throw a shabby par-tay that got me labeled a some sort of loser by 3 year olds everywhere. A reputation like that is hard to live down.

Thankfully the party, although a little chaotic (9 3 & 4-year-olds with cupcakes and sunkist - who'd of thunk it) turned out great and I think the other co-host Mom and I are sleeping more soundly now that we've completed this Mother of a preschooler write of passage.

Sure they can't read, but it's a party and I can't control my need to make a banner for ANY festive occasion.
The snacks
The favors
Spider man and his posse. III is really living it up this year and like Beyonce at the VMAs he will have multiple costumes. Spiderman was just his red carpet look.

A few of Stacey's cutie classmates with their craft masks (Haakon's Mom, gets all the kudos for the fun craft).
On the way home from school it was just Stacey and I in the car and he gave me what I consider the ultimate party favor. He said, "Mom, do you think you can come back to my class again sometime?" Awwww!! I love you Stacey and I loved getting to see you with all your buddies at school and being a part of your fun fall festivities!!


Sarah said...

Of course you threw an adorable party!! It's all so cute - great job!!

Shannon said...

IT WAS THE PERFECT PARTY!!!! Isn't it funny how stressful a little preschool party can be? I loved every bit of it. Put ours to shame!

The Junods said...

Finally some strangers get to experience the Caryn awesomeness! Adorable party and sweet III wanting you to come back. Poor mommies that have to plan other parties after you!

angie said...

That's why we plan and stress to please our little ones! It turned out awesome! I really love the polka dot table. Nice job sista.