Sunday, October 11, 2009

Caleb's John Deere Birthday Party

Last weekend (when the weather was much milder!) we got to celebrate Caleb's 1st birthday at a John Deere party with all the tractor trimmings. Julie had everything looking darling from the entrance to the favors!

There was a real John Deere right out front, so Stacey and Wyatt were immediately thrilled and saw no reason to venture any further.

But in the back there was another tractor that was just their size! And they could actually drive this one. Wyatt sent a few folks running with his unconventional paths, but III was a very responsible plower and might have a little farming in his future.
I thought this was a really cute idea. Mom won this round no contest!
The "Grazing Ground".
Mom & Dad with the guest of honor. Craig and Julie are in our community group at Watermark and live just a few streets away from us. They've become really dear friends to us and we hope to be a part of many celebrations to come!!
Happy Birthday Caleb.


The Junods said...

uh...awesome party! love it. and babe's...pleeeze! take III to babe's and he turns into a model!

shannonmichaelis said...

yea for babes! and i love the photo contest with mom and dad - brilliant!

kidsinvite said...

My son will be having the same party theme too, and I will be making his john deere birthday invitations.