Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

While we were in Lubbock this weekend (more on that later), we made a quick stop at the pumpkin patch. We picked out a perfect pumpkin for carving and got some pumpkin pictures of course!

The cousins: Ally, Wyatt, Ryan, Stacey and Lila. I love it when all these lil' punkins get to be together!
(Not sure what to do with this precious' hair, I mean he looks like he is wearing a wig for heavens sake! But seriously, with that little snaggle tooth smile how can you resist him!?!)

On the way home we were discussing how we, and by "we" I mean Daddy, should carve our pumpkin and III requested he have a mustache. So stay tuned for that masterpiece.


The Junods said...

Hello Model Mama! You look adorable in the pumpkin patch and your own little punkins do too. Love the hair on wyatt! I think he's done with baby hair and now on to serious hair. Also love love love the cousin picture! So fun that you were ALL there together for the weekend!

And the snack basket. My mom was just saying, how she wondered what you must have done! And there it is! Adorable and so BOY. What's wrong with fireman dog?? ha! I just let our friends borrow our costumes from that glorious twin moment! Our boys were babies!!

Katy said...

Goooooooooorgeous picture of you in the pumpkins, CP!!!!!!!!! Don't make me laugh saying Wy has on a wig!!!!!! hilarious.