Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's official...I'm a soccer Mom :)

This Sat. was the debut for Stacey III's soccer team - the Roadrunners!! Obviously, based on the picture below he is not the first in this family to take on the game of soccer.

I'm not sure if the ribbons or the pink Velcro Care-Bear tennis shoes better convey my obvious love for the game. Both clearly make the statement, I'm not just here to party, I'm here to play. It's rumored that this picture is the only time I ever actually made contact with the ball during my first and only soccer season. But I distinctly remember being undefeated and getting a sizable trophy so clearly I, the rest of the A-Team, and my super short shorts did just fine. And if the team had needed someone to lead them in a Care Bear Stare, I was right there waiting in the wings.
We're hoping III inherited Daddy's serious soccer skills, but looks like the Roadrunners and the A-team have one thing in blue!
I could have just eaten up this little soccer stud!
The coach is pretty cute too! I do have to say my man is doing a fantastic job leading this precious team. He stepped in to coach this orphan team last minute and I couldn't be prouder of him.
Yes, we all wore baby blue, I know we're nerds.

This joyful picture of my three favorite guys was taken before Wyatt (AKA best little brother ever) was faced with the reality that he in fact is not on the team - crushing blow to a 2 1/2 year old who up until game time thought he was the roadrunners best player.
Luckily Aunt Cassie and some fruit snacks were waiting on the sidelines.
As well as a few other faithful fans.
Warming up.
Game time. Ronaldinho may have met his match.
They don't keep score just yet, but it doesn't take a mathematician to know we came up a little short of the Sharks. But this crew could have cared less. One, Two, Three, Roadrunners!
Ah the sweet taste of victory, I mean good sportsmanship.
Stacey, you did a GREAT job at your first soccer game. Your shoes alone showed me up from the get go and if the whispers are true then you've also already managed to make more contact with the ball in one game than I did in one season. But, regardless of weather you turn out to be a flower picker like Mommy, or a club soccer rat like Daddy, we're so proud of you. GO ROADRUNNERS!


Sarah said...

Love it!!

shannonmichaelis said...

don't even know where to start! that photo of the professional soccer star at the beginning (where is katy, your sidekick, in all atheltic matters), to the 2 1/2 year old that realized he is not the star of the team, to the last minute coaching change. i loved every bit of that post!

Katy said...

Um. this post is precious. Caryn, you're really humbly downplaying your athleticism!!!!!! Hello! We were allstars!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Funny because in that picture of you I really saw how much Stacey actually favors YOU! And I've never noticed that before!! So cute!! Loved the coordinating family in baby blue. Would have done the same thing! ;) Looking forward to more soccer updates!

angie said...

Oh how I forgot all about the name A-team! Man, I love these pictures. I love your precious athletic moment but I also as a mom, I loved that Honey let you wear your hair down and rock your Care bear shoes!
On to my precious nephew. He looked liked a little stud out there! I love his big smile and ice cream treat. I also love the Smith family in baby blue:-). Go Roadrunners!!!

Shannon said...

Don't really know where to start with this PERFECTLY written post. Caryn - what a treasure and what a sweet, funny, and oh so true post. Stacey III is going to be a soccer stud...I can already tell you that! I have seen his skills! As far as his mommy goes...the care bear stare could not have been performed by a better person! LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...
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Sarah said...

Too fun! And a cutie soccer player!

I sympathize with your first soccer playing days. My mom said I just picked the flowers during my four-year old days...

Woodbury Family said...

So cute!!! I'm sorry we weren't there to cheer him on! :( Hopefully we will make it to one of his games this season!

Team Leslie said...

That picture is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Just got caught up on your blog. Great posts. Love seeing pix of Lubbock and TT. Your boys are adorable, and your posts keep me laughing, as always.