Wednesday, May 6, 2009


They say these things come in threes so I'm hoping that we're about done for a while. I know what you're thinking, that is only two broken window's in a month what's the third?
1.) Boys throw a golf ball through the window
2.) Our Air Conditioner stops working...a few hours before my girls community group comes over. They graciously insisted that it wasn't that hot, but as I pealed myself off the leather couch and weighed in at 5 lbs. lighter than when the group started I know they were cursing me all the way home.
3.) Weed-eater throws a rock at the back door leaving the above shattered glass.

So here's hoping that the "they come in threes" theory  is OK with general destruction to our home and not specific to broken windows. If not, glass beware, we're on a breaking streak.

P.S. The AC was fixed with a simple panel replacement - PTL!!  So we won't have to endure a life of poverty or live without what might possibly be the greatest invention of all time. One night without AC can change a lot of opinions about those other so called great inventions.


angie said...

Oh NO!!!! I am so sorry. That door looks like it's pouring down rain. That really stinks right before Disney too. Hopefully that will be it:)

Alissa said...

Our last week was that way as well...
1. A/C goes out. When they try to repair, they knock out our electricity. It took them 3 days to get it back on.
2. I got in a car accident.
3. Gage backed my car into our neighbor's fence.
I thought the week was never going to end.

Miranda said...

I lived through IKE with 15 days with NO electricity. I know all to well just how great air conditioning is. Not to mention a hair dryer!!!! We are praying NO hurricane hits Houston again this year. :)

Wendi Junod said...

Oh gosh! thats horrible! you're right, things come in 3's or more for us too. love the cosmetology going on at your house. Doha could use some improvements. Send III on over. What fun for him to chop chop.

ok...i cannot wait to hear about disney. hopefully we can talk before you leave.