Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day at PK

We got to spend Memorial Day weekend in Possum Kingdom at the Galvin's (a family with triplets in student ministries) Lakehouse. It is an AMAZING house and we found ourselves once again so grateful for their generosity and willingness to open up their home to us and allow us to enjoy it for the weekend with our boys and friends. As seems to be pretty typical, I got no pictures of the grownups, but we were there with the Sheps and Blakeslees and thoroughly enjoyed the company.

Check out the view from the back porch. Not too shabby!!
The weather was pretty crummy with clouds and rain on and off, but thanks to the hot tub the boys didn't miss out on the opportunity to swim.
These were taken about 8:00 in the morning. They COULD NOT WAIT to get out there!!

On Sunday we jumped in the jeep and golf cart and headed to The Ranch Pool. In addition to a full size pool, they have a pool that is about one foot deep, perfect for the little guys.
The water was FREEZING so I was glad Dad was there to keep an eye on the boys from the water while I sat on the sidelines.
And just in case they weren't already suffering from hypothermia, how about a snowcone!!
This picture of these four cuties, Cade, Wyatt, Stacey and Jack Henry was taken just moments before... a serious down poor, did I mention we were in golf carts and a jeep!?! Thankfully the house wasn't too far. But the drive was quite an adventure!
The rest of the weekend consisted of more good eats,
Stacey becoming one with nature, check out this video, he actually got to pet a baby deer!!
And finally on Monday just enough sun to enjoy some hoops in the big pool before we packed up.
It was a great weekend!!! Thank you Shepelwiches!!!

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Sarah said...

So fun! Don't you just love their house?!? Glad you were able to get the hot tub on...we had some trouble for our small group retreat. Can't wait to see pics from Disney!