Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I sink I sought it was paper?

Last week I was showering, I know the nerve of me to think I could leave my children unattended for 10 minutes, and unbeknownst to me, the boys were getting creative (or perhaps rebellious) with a sharpie. Yep, that's not washable marker folks - it is SHARPIE!!!!

By the Lord's good grace I didn't find this little disaster until Stacey was a MDO and Wyatt was napping so I had ample time to regain control of myself and rethink my initial desire to set them outside with a "children for sale" sign after an unprintable talking to.

Once we were all together we had a VERY serious discussion (followed by spankings, just in case you were wondering). During our little chat we reviewed the rules about markers.

Me: Stacey what are our rules about markers?
Stacey: You have to ask a grownup.
Me: And what else?
Stacey: You can only use one at a time. 
Me: (true but rather irrelevant at this time) What are we supposed to write on?
Stacey: Ummm...
Me: (prompting) we ONLY write on....?
Stacey: Paper.
Me: Is this paper?
Stacey: Weeeeeeeeelllllll...I sink I sought maybe it was paper???
Me: (nice try buddy) Motherly look of disapproval
Stacey: No, I sink I know that's not paper.

If anyone has any tips on getting sharpie out of leather I am ALL ears! So far the Magic Eraser has made the most progress.


shannonmichaelis said...

love the chair - bold move getting such a lovely color with two boys (are they still for sale? justin would love a playmate!)

Alissa said...

We own a furniture store in Plano, we have a guy there who can repair any furniture. Call them and see what he says - Marcio - 972-424-3838.

angie said...

Oh I am so sorry! No tips here but I have a lovely child's table that would match perfectly if you ever want to complete the look:-). I sink I sough....too hilarious!

Shannon said...

Oh, wow. Just don't know what to say about this one. I am so glad I was not there to witness the first sightings of the chair. I will buy the boys if you are still considering it. You know how much L and R love them!

Miranda said...

I don't even know what to say. But if you still have 2 small little boys for sale, ill buy them from you.

holly said...

I feel like our lives are very similar. You should see our couch with its beautiful ink marks all over it. I haven't experienced a sharpie. It scares me just to think of it! Ellie had the tooth ordeal as well... She now has the "fake" one and it is great, but it was quite the ordeal!!

Team Leslie said...

Terrible, but hilarious story. I loved the commentary.