Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Tea

On Thursday Stacey's Mother's Day Out hosted a Mother's Day Tea. The kids were so cute and excited to see all the Mommies. They served us snacks and performed "I'm A Little Tea Pot", fitting for a tea party. :)

They also had a gift for each Mommy. They were instructed not to tell us what was in it and not to open it until Mother's Day. Stacey, following in his mother's rule following ways, did not tell me what it was, but did ask several times if we could open it and eat it. We lasted until Friday night and then I gave in and opened it early. This is what was inside:
The little note read: 
This isn't an ordinary bag you see, it's popcorn and drinks for just you and me.
Maybe a snack in the middle of the day, or maybe for dinner I'd like it that way.
Could be during a movie maybe, or snuggling like when I was a baby.
Mom, I love you a ton you see and I'm waiting for time with just you and me.

So cute. I'm game for quality time with my man any time! Thanks Stacey!!


angie said...

That is SO cute! I love the sheer joy on his sweet little face!

shannonmichaelis said...

i was thinking just the other day about your miscarriage. so thankful you have two other blessings to experience on this side of heaven...