Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Goodbye Incisor A Part II

Everything went smoothly this morning and Wyatt is doing great. We had to wake him up at 7:30 (incredibly rare at this house) to take him in, which was a huge blessing since he couldn't have anything to eat or drink. I had imagined two VERY long hours of denying him his "cuppy" or "ogert" but once in the car he was distracted and didn't seem to mind. 

Once they called us we went back with him, met the anesthesiologist and held him while he got a shot that gave him just enough time to look up at me and say, "'I'm tire..." before he was out. It was a very unnerving experience to hold such a lifeless baby in my arms. They took him back for the IV anesthesia and Stacey and i headed to the waiting room. We waited anxiously for a little over an hour, while being entertained thoroughly by the next waiting patient who had several creative games for us to play with her pipe cleaners. Dr. Judd said she was very glad we had decided to put him under because the tooth was in two pieces so she had to go in for the root. Ouch!!

Wyatt was really groogy on the way home and slept for several hours once we got home. He woke up happy and thirsty and looked like a drunk midget trying to make his way across the room, but finally seems to have his sea legs back.

Sorry, I know this isn't a very entertaining post (I like the way my vanity allows me to think my other posts are SO entertaining - HA!) with my boring play by play, but I wanted to document the day.

In the waiting room.
I had to include this one just for the shoes. Two year olds are so good at waiting :)
In recovery with our brave little man.
Recuperating at home
And finally back to being his happy self!! We'll go back in three weeks to get the new tooth, but I think he looks pretty sweet as is. :)


Kacey and Josh said...

I am so thankful that things went so smoothly. I know how much that little man usually likes his morning breakfast:) Glad he's on the mend!

shannonmichaelis said...

looks so old with all that hair and the missing tooth. it's hard to see your child all groggy with anesthesia. glad it all went smoothly. guess younger bro can help older stacey someday when his turn comes to get his teeth out!

Shannon said...

Sweet baby boy! I just want to hug him! Give him big hugs and kisses from Landon and Reagan!

Woodbury Family said...

So glad everything went well and Wyatt is back to his happy self! Sweet toothless boy :)

angie said...

Pretty cute is such an understatement! He's adorable and that missing tooth gives him such character:). We cannot wait to see you week!

Wendi Junod said...

Little blonde toothless bundle! Love him!! Great pictures and great report! So sorry for you to see your baby boy go through that but so thankful things are good. xoxo

Sarah said...

Oh sweet Wyatt! I'm glad things went smoothly and I agree, he's awfully cute with his missing tooth! Look forward to seeing you tonight!

Meg said...

hi caryn!! i have read your blog several times but have never commented, so hi :)! i had to leave a comment b/c my little girl is going to have to have to go under anesthesia too for dental work and i am terrified! it breaks my heart!! but i am soooo glad it seemed to be a relatively smooth procedure. so yay for 21st century dental treatments, huh?? looks like you are doing great; your family is beautiful. take care!! ~meg

Self Family said...

So sorry for the little man - what a trooper!! He's still as cute as ever. So glad everything went smooth.