Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I heart three-year-olds

This morning the boys were playing alarmingly well on their own back in their rooms...or so I thought. They eventually came running out and this is the conversation that III and I had.

Me: What have you guys been doing?
Stacey: Drinking toothpaste.
Me: What??
Stacey: Drinking toothpaste, that's what we've been doing.
Me: So you've been wasting my toothpaste?
Stacey: Not your toothpaste Mommy, just our toothpaste.
Me: (After checking the bathroom to find no major signs of destruction or too much toothpaste missing) Stacey, we do not eat toothpaste. It isn't good for you and it is wasteful...
Stacey: (Interrupting me very confidently) And with a happy heart! (when we're discussing obedience we always go over: We obey 1.) All the way 2.) Right away 3.) With a happy heart)
Me: That is how we obey, but that is not what I'm talking about, do you remember a dinner last night when we talked about being wasteful? (peas were thrown on the floor and no cupcakes were handed out)
Stacey: I want peas and macaroni. Mommy, I'm hungry and thirsty - i want some macaroni.
Me: Do you know what it means to be wasteful?
Stacey: ...When you mess up the TV???
Me: UM...No. Let's not eat toothpaste again, OK?
Stacey: Yes Mam.

Is anyone else exhausted by this conversation!!


Self Family said...

love it...and the all the way, right away, and with a happy heart. will add that one for sure!!

Devin said...

Awww. This got my to "lol."

angie said...

mess up the TV? oh to know how their little brains work!?!

Katy said...

HUH larious. ;)

Woodbury Family said...

that cute :)

The Penuels said...

Ha ha! Awesome...I love the dialogue posts :)