Monday, November 24, 2008

Brooklyn's Birthday

Whitney, my best friend from college's little girl Brooklyn turned 4 and we got to help celebrate on Sat. It was so fun to see all the fam and catch up.

Brooklyn is named after another of my best friends from college Brooke D'Lynn who passed away several years ago, and she was born right around the time our first baby would have been born, so she is a little special :)

The party was a LittleGym and, Oh my stars do they know how to do a fun party!!! Two employees kept the kids entertained with a nonstop activity. The boys got to run, tumble, kick balls, jump on a trampoline, blow bubbles, play with the parachute, and be pulled around on mats like superman. They LOVED it! And on a cold Sat., when I had them all to myself, it was just the ticket to wear them out.
The birthday girl sat in the middle while the kids sang Happy Birthday.Not sure who these two crazy faced kids are?
Stacey and the birthday girl. Happy Birthday Brooklyn!!!

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Team Leslie said...

That's amazing.....just to see the 2 together - neat:) Where does the time go?!?