Monday, November 17, 2008

All Aboard!!

There may not have been an actual choo choo on this train, but these boys sure didn't care!! For Noah's 3rd birthday his clever Mommy had a train party and we got to ride the Dart Train to the park.

I can not put into words how excited these guys were waiting for the train. They had their whistles out and were wound up like it was Christmas morning. It was SO cute. Here it comes!!
After the thrilling ride (I have to admit this was my first time on the Dart, but after seeing how much III loved it I'm sure it won't be my last) we played at a great park in Plano.
Then it was time for lunch and Happy Birthday to Noah!! Notice his cute T is for Train shirt.
As if that hadn't been enough fun, we of course got to end the party with another fun ride on he Dart back to our cars. When Stacey was talking about the party later that day he would make sure to explain, "And, then we got to ride the train AGAIN!!"
So simple, but so fun. Thanks Karla!


angie said...

looks like a fun day!:)

shannonmichaelis said...

When you come to Houston you should ride the Metro. Derek took Justin recently and had to pull him away. Such a cute idea for a bday party!