Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dinosaurs Alive

Aren't they sweet. :)
Stacey only had to work a half day today so we took the boys to the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit this afternoon at the Heard Museum. I LOVE LOVE LOVE family outings with my four pack!! I was a little underwhelmed with the actual exhibit (not sure what I expected) but III loved it. We walked outside along a trail to see all the dinosaurs and the weather was beautiful so it really didn't matter what we were doing we were outside on a beautiful day all happy and healthy and together so I loved it.
III was to busy walking and talking nonstop (days like today are what make my head spin when his teachers say, "He is just SO quiet."??? - WHAT???) to pose for pictures, but Dad and the dinosaurs were very accommodating. :)

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