Sunday, November 9, 2008

Brylie's UnFROGetable Birthday!

Our niece Brylie turned 1 this weekend and had a precious "Fru Fru Frog" party to celebrate!! Shelley did a great job and everything was frogtastic. I LOVED the fru fru skirt on this table.
Here is the birthday girl in her special "I'm 1" frog birthday shirt.

Frog cupcakes!

Frogeroni - frog shaped pasta!
The Smith siblings in birth order, Stacey, Shelley and Sarah

Stacey & Nannie.

Stacey found a measuring tape in Brylie's toys (Santa, add this to the list along with the flashlight) and he and Aunt Cassie were measuring everything they could get their hands on -you can always spot the teachers - so good at finding the education in the fun.

This was our gift for Brylie and after several screaming fits this week when Wyatt saw it in the back of the car and then in the house and did NOT understand why he couldn't ride on it, he finally got to take a spin on the princess scooter.

Happy Birthday Brylie!!!!

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