Monday, September 29, 2008


On Thursday night after the soccer game, I got to hang with three of my favorite people in the whole world my sister Angie, and BFFs, Katy and Lauren (Lauren don't you wish you had a blog so I could highlight your name - JK :) WOW JK and BFF both in one paragraph, promise I am 30!!

We made these cute glitter houses last Christmas...

and since apparently we love shinny things we thought we'd lend a little glitter to fall as well. I love doing crafts, but prefer to do them chatting with friends just like this. We didn't have anyone to take a group picture, so we went for an old self portrait, they always turn out terrific!

These are my finished projects. I've seen enough crafty blogs to know that these photos are pretty terrible, but in the right setting with the right lighting these would look much more impressive, I'm sure.

This is the groups accomplishments. Lauren thanks for hosting, I know you'll probably be reminded of this night again and again due to the insane amount of glitter we left behind.


The Penuels said...

Oh my gosh!! I love those pumpkins!! You will have to share your crafting knowledge with me sometime :) They are adorable!

angie said...

So hilarious...look for a very simular sequel this week...could that be b/c they are the exact same pictures???thanks for sharing. And they do look Martha Stewart worthy!!!