Monday, September 15, 2008

Red Raider Weekend

We had a great weekend in Lubbock, visiting Nana and cheering on the Red Raiders. This is Stacey and Nana, what a sweet hug for a WONDERFUL great grandmother!!
Nana got a new table and chairs just for the great grand kids and it was a hit, Honey helped her pick out some fun new toys to keep at her house for future visits so whenever the kids got restless they just pulled out the goodie bag. But first things first, lets get our dominoes on :) My grandad played dominoes with the boys, especially Ryan, before he passed away so it is a sweet memory to see the boys enjoying them.
The kids also all enjoyed playing the piano. We have got some budding musicians for sure!! And what joyful music they made!!!
Here is me and my little Red Raiders on game day. I'm chocking Wyatt and Stacey is chocking me, but I love this picture. We learned on this trip that Wyatt loves tailgating, just like Daddy! He stayed out with Daddy while Stacey III and I went to the game and still had on a happy face when we made our way back out sometime after the 3rd quarter, which was WAY past his bedtime! What a trooper!!
Future Texas Tech QB perhaps???
Stacey on the other had was an absolute bear at the tailgate...short nap? too many people? who knows. These were our best attempts at a family picture.
Looks like fun doesn't it.
However, while a poor tailgater he LOVED the game and I had such a fun time with him cheering our favorite team to victory!! Get Your Guns Up!!
Making sure he got every last bite.
After half time he kept asking, "Where are the instruments?" (Watch Baby Einstein much?) "I want the instruments to come back on the field." He also enjoyed using GP's binoculars and would inform me when he "found the team."
Sarah joined us and it was so fun to have her along. She was a huge help all weekend!Here are my sisters and BFFs :), Angie w/Ally, Me and Kacey (with her "Red Raider on Board" T-shirt, just in case you couldn't read it - so cute) before the game.
And the whole Red Raider Family (minus Stacey who was already busy at the tailgate).
It was a wonderful weekend, I just wish it had been longer!!!


angie said...

LOVE this:) Thank you so much for loving our kids like you do, you're the #1 aunt! Had fun, too

The Leslie Family said...

Makes me want to get up to a Tech game in a bad way. Great pix:)