Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mini Tramp Memories

Just before we loaded up and headed home I sent the boys outside to run around the yard and burn some energy before the five hour drive. When I came outside I found this...

On the way home from Lubbock I asked Stacey III to list three of his favorite things from the weekend. He said:

1. Playing with Ryan (of course!!)

2. Getting new toys at Nana's (especially his Lightning McQueen car that didn't leave his side all weekend)

3. And jumping on the trampoline.
The third answer made me laugh for multiple reasons. For one he got to jump on the trampoline for about five minutes before we left. It was our second energy burning discovery after the treadmill. And the trampoline is actually a mini-tramp from my grandmothers garage. She has always had one (for those cutting edge work outs!), but I remember enjoying it when we were little too. Sometimes it's the little unplanned activities that leave the most lasting impressions. :)


Jill Garcia (Smith) said...

Brings back so many memories for me! My grandma also had one of those, and I used to love jumping on it!! Your boys are so precious!!!


angie said...

Hilarious:) Looks like so much fun!

Amy H said...

My grandmother had one, too! She had a pool, as well, and we would put the trampoline next to the pool to do tricks (very dangerous - I'll probably never let my kids do that).