Monday, September 29, 2008

Just Kickin' It

The boys and I had a very full weekend in Waco (I'll be stretching it out over a few separate posts since there were several picture worthy activities). I came into town on Thursday evening and Ryan just happened to have a soccer game that night - perfect!! Stacey and Wyatt LOVED being outside and pretending like they were in fact part of the game...and thankfully they are still pretty laid back at this level because a few times they were, when their balls rolled out into the field.

Here is wanna-be player #1. Wyatt LOVES to kick things and he does this cute little run in place to ramp up before he kicks. I've tried to catch it on video, but no luck yet. He did it about a million times with this soccer ball.

Wanna-be #2 (Ally)

The fan club. The intensity on their faces in this picture cracks me up, not sure what game they were watching. :)

The Star, #7 getting some action.

Honey and GP on the sidelines with Stacey

Soccer Stud Ryan and his #1 fan

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angie said...

I LOVE these pictures:) Thank you for coming to see the game, Ryan keeps asking when we're going to see you guys again!!