Friday, November 8, 2013

Heros in a half-shell TURTLE POWER!!

Our boys were SUPER excited about Halloween this year. 

We got the costumes early and they have been playing with their weapons and shell shields for weeks! About a week before Halloween I gathered them up and put them away so that we would actually have all the necessary pieces and so that they would be extra excited to wear them on Halloween.

Coyt kept saying, "Mommy, I need How-ween." Which meant he wanted his costume.

Coyt and Crew both try to sing the theme song but instead of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles they sing TaTaTaTaTaTa Turtles!! 

They Bigs had a half day on Halloween due to FBC Woodway hosting the Fall Fest so we took advantage and met Daddy at Chick Fil A for lunch. I had promised them they could have milkshakes and pizza just like the TMNTs. So milkshakes all around.
Then it was time for costumes. I wasn't sure if the littles would let me paint thier faces but when they woke up from naps and saw that Stacey and Wyatt were green they said, yes, please!
Ta-Da! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
They're the worlds most fearsome fighting team.
They're heros in the half-shell and they're green.
When evil shredder attacks
Those turtle boys don't cut him no slack!!



Oh the moves, they were killing me with their moves!!
We headed over to Honey and GPs for some cousin pictures.

Little caterpillar and his big sister butterflies.

And of course Pizza!
We headed to the Fall Fest and our boys had a blast.

Tough Turtle hug. :)
Two out of four turtles looking isn't to bad. :)
The Cs kept saying "noder game Mom?"

And when they got to pick out a piece of candy they would dig until they found a dum dum.
Sorry but I swoon a little for these tiny turtles. Nom. nom. nom. Eat Them UP!!
We hit up a few houses for traditional Trick or Treating.

The twinadoes would say trick or treat about one million times before the door was opened and upon leaving declare, "I did it!" SO proud of themselves.

And that's a wrap on Halloween 2013!

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Sarah said...

Cutest. Turtles. Ever.