Sunday, November 10, 2013

Warriors vs. Ducks

There was an epic battle at Floyd Casey Stadium on Sat. when the Warriors took on the Mighty Duck Commanders!! 

It was a Brother vs. Brother fight to the finish!!
The boys had the chance to play in an exhibition game this weekend and we just happened to luck out (helps that the coaches of both teams are good friends) and on top of it being an incredible opportunity to play at a college stadium they were going to play each other!!! It was just too much!!

They were just a LITTLE bit excited about it. ;) They kept saying we just can't believe we are REALLY going to get to play at Baylor Stadium! Stacey said one of their teammates ran out onto the field and said, "Guys this is a once in a lifetime experience!"

Super cute SUPER excited boys.

The Cs enjoyed free reign on endless bleachers.
Pre-game prayer...MELT ME. And I know it is probably rude and irreverent to take a picture during the prayer but heaven help me I couldn't resist!!
 We got to cheer for every play. ;)
 Gooooo WYATT!!!
 High five!!
 Charley running it in...Stacey #4 on D!
 As a house divided we had to wear green and gray. Ninja turtle shirts came in handy again. ;)
 A few pictures at half time.

The Ducks

Ready for Action!
 This kid is NOT playin' around

 Stacey with the pass...
 The Warriors
 It was Wyatt's last game so he wrapped up the day with a medal. Score!
 Just a little excited.
Not sure who won the battle???? Hard to keep track when you're cheering for both teams. They both think they were victorious and I guess that is OK. Needless to say it was a close game and a great experience for all of us.
Until the next EPIC BATTLE!!!!

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