Friday, November 8, 2013


Well I can't believe I am sitting down to blog and October is already behind me!!! It has been too long!! I know with google reader gone (I'm loving feedly) and social media (grandma - I know) becoming a more mainstream way of sharing photos blogging seems to be loosing some steam, but I LOVE this little blog. I LOVE the record it is for our family. I love that even now I look back at posts from just a year ago and I am reminded, albeit via my painful run on sentences, typos, overuse of alliteration and and random stream of consciousness, of things I have already forgotten. So, regardless of who is reading or the fact that my posts are a little less frequent I have no plans of throwing in the towel.

That said, this month I had a few reasons why it seemed more difficult than usual to blog...other than the obvious. :) For starters last month we lost about five years worth of pictures from iphoto. Insert my hysteria here! We were staying off the computer until the geniuses at the genius bar confirmed that "yep, they gone." Thanks guys super glad we drove in for that! SAD DAY. But all the more reason I am SOOOOOO thankful for the blog containing the majority of those favorite photos.

Second, I started a business with my super star sisters!!!!! Purdy Girl Parties is officially up and running!!! It's been SO fun working together and we are super excited about all the possibilities ahead, but obviously that has taken up some of my previous "free time".

And lastly, this month has just been heavy. We've had friends enduring unthinkable heartache and just as a friend praying on the sidelines it has been too much to bear some days. They are not really my stories to tell but it would seem odd to look back at October 2013 and hot have some record of this season of hurt. We are forever grateful for the hope we have in Christ and can not imagine experiencing car accidents, cancer, sick babies and death without that hope. Come quickly Lord Jesus has been our hearts cry this month.

Thankfully, in the midst off hard things are these four little nuggets...and while they're testing my patience and taking me to the edge and back - daily, wearing me out, making me question my sanity they are also the light of my life and I am just so stinkin' in love with all four of them! So here are a few super random pictures of said nuggets from this month.

Shocker, super cow and batman blue swords are on the scene!
The dynamic duo picked out their own clothes this particular day and it cracks me up that Crew will almost always pick a collared polo style shirt while Coyt opts for slicker sporty style with crocs. ALWYAS with Crocs.
 Nana, Sam and Aunt Shirley were in Waco so we soaked up some sweet time with them.

 Love this one :)
 Aunt Shirley had the magic touch getting TWO smiles a difficult feet with these monkeys!
 One morning I was feeling adventurous ;) and the Cs tapped into their inner artists.


 Clothing optional as usual.
 We've enjoyed lots of flag football the past few months. Wyatt is s Warrior!

Stacey is a Mighty Duck Commander. Love this picture! Touch Down!!!!!

This Saturday they are going to get a chance to play each other at an exhibition game at Baylor Stadium and they are PUMPED!!
We had the privilege of representing CTIW at the March of Dimes fundraiser again this year. It is always a fabulous event and I love having a reason to get dressed up and enjoy a date night! Especially for such a worthy cause.

We ran into these folks. :)

CTIW Wives!

March of Dimes is near and dear to Kurt and Jen, ever since Audrey, their daughter was the recipient of medication that helped save her life shortly after she was born. Can't wait to cheer them on next year as the feature family of this event!!

On Halloween eve we ALL piled in and went to pick out a pumpkin for carving but most of the ones left were freak deluxes, so two stops later we had firehead. Stacey and Wyatt designed his face and Daddy did the carving.

 Peace? Bunny Ears? I'm Two? Who knows.
 OK Halloween is up next. :)

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