Monday, April 22, 2013

Wyatt's LEGOtastic Birthday Party

Wyatt loves Legos, he can sit in his room for hours building so a Lego party for his sixth birthday was a no brainer. There are about one million darling ideas out there for Lego parties so I really tried to reign it in and not go crazy!

His invitation was from Etsy.
The decorations/setup. 

Nice thing about Legos is that we decorated a lot with what we already had!
Cookies from Mrs. Crumpler
Stacey and Wyatt helped me place all their Legos guys throughout our shelves several days before the party. We all had fun putting them into all sorts of action poses.

You get the idea. :)
I made the big Legos on both mantels with foam board and card stock cut into circles - easy peasy! For the little garland I just used a free printable from Pinterest and cut Wyatt's name out of a few extra invitations.

 Watch out for the Lego scorpion in the popcorn!! ;)
 We kept the snacks pretty simple with cookies, popcorn and Lego-ish pretzels.
 A few photos of the birthday boy!!

I got the big number 6 in Canton and thought it was cute for our family of six, but it was perfect for a sixth birthday too!

The birthday banner was another free printable. I cut out each letter and taped them to red envelopes that I had in my stash leftover from who knows what.  They were just the right size and the envelope flap actually also worked well to hold each letter on the mantel and ribbon, might do it again on purpose!

 Another fabulous family picture for team Smith. ;)


 Just for fun, here he is taking the same picture at his first birthday party. :)
PUPPY LOVE!!!!!!!!
OK sorry, back to legos!

Hi GP. :)
Words CAN NOT express how blessed ALL my boys are by their AMAZING grandparents, so so so blessed! Love this picture of the birthday boy with all four of them.
When the guests started to arrive they signed the birthday book and guessed how many legos were in the jar.
Then they found their name at a seat and started creating their own Lego guys.
 We invited Wyatt's class from school so he had some sweet girls there.
 Including his two precious cousins Ally and Brylie!
This was just a few days before James Wright arrived!! Post on that to come. :) 
 Love Ryan's attention to detail. A baseball player just like him! He is the original Lego lover in this family and is very sweet helping Wyatt build and passing along his Legos from time to time.
After everyone arrived they all opened their sacks to find a Lego of their very own to build. The boys retreated to Wyatt's room (Stacey III is standing over my shoulder and wants to make sure you know it is his room too HA! :)) to create a rocket/plane.

While the girls built their cute little picnic scene.

Lego sets compliments of Nannie!!! Thank you very much!!

 After a bit of building it was time for a snack and Happy Birthday!
I made Lego shaped ice out of koolaid. Super simple, except, I only had one Lego ice tray so the week of the party I had to constantly switch it out in order to get all the colors made in time. Might have been worth the $8 to invest in a second tray!
 Thought it turned out pretty cute.

Finally, to round things out we busted open a #6 pinata!

 Truett making sure it was really down for the count.
Some awesome gifts and the day was done.

I had Lego bingo on hand, but we ran out of time.
Family pictures!! Purdys, Woods, Smiths and Warrens. We're actually all with our family units in this one.
Another fun party for the record books. :)

If you've got a Lego party coming up I am happy to pass along the leftover/reusable party supplies. :)

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Hope the birthday celebration was an auspicious one. Have already booked one of the eye catching Venues in NYC for my mother's birthday next week. It would be a surprise for her. Hope she feels special with all her friends and dear ones. Bought a pretty diamond ring for her.