Tuesday, May 14, 2013

James Wright Warren #10

James Wright Warren made his grand entrance into the world on April 17th and oh what a happy day it was!!! There is just NOTHING like the birth of a new baby. I am just giddy the whole day and can hardly contain my excitement! I want to be there for every second of the waiting and thankfully I was able to do just that. 

The twinadoes were with Big and Nannie in Dallas so I was able to soak up all the joy of the day with my sister at my leisure!
 I wasn't the only one who was a little excited. Big Sister Lila was on cloud nine, and FULL of questions! Glad her Mommy is a pro at answering every single one with patience and information because Aunt Cary wasn't sure how to tackle a few. :)
 Popsicle just like Mommy.
Kacey was amazing and as soon as our sweet baby arrived Josh texted us a picture in the waiting room, oh technology.

After we had all ooooed and ahhhhed over him, held him, hugged Kacey and wore out our welcome it was time to pick up the big cousins from school. They were VERY excited and immediately asked if James Wright had been born? ;)

Quiet as kittens ;)
They were pretty cute checking him out.

First bath.
I love this picture of their hands behind their backs as if they are trying to restrain themselves, way to practice that self control boys!!!

Proud parents
Beautiful Mommy!
Just a little in love!

Aunt Cary
GG (Aunt Angie)
Aunt Rox (Josh's Sister)
I mean...??
We are so very thankful for #10 in this family!

YES! 10!

Ryan Mark Wood
Stacey Reese Smith III

Ally Anderson Wood

Wyatt Purdy Smith

Lila Elizabeth Warren

Caroline Caprice Warren
 Crew Anderson Smith

Coyt Austin Smith
 Brady James Wood

and James Wright Warren

 These are a few pictures we took for Honey's Mother's Day gift of they whole gang. Never a dull moment with 10 little monkeys. :) But what an incredible blessing.

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Miranda said...

We're about to take family pictures and I LOVE the numbers.... Where did you get them??